Wednesday, December 19, 2007

241 New Town Road

The Wilsons of New Town Road. That's us! We've been working really hard towards this dream of building our own home and it's finally becoming a reality. I can hardly believe that we've only owned this piece of land a little more than a year! Ben has spent countless hours out there, clearing and burning, leveling and digging. After a year's worth of work, we are finally building the home we've always dreamed of.

Seeing the whole process really makes you appreciate every little detail of the home and land that it sits on. We have six acres, mostly wooded. A small pond, which Ben dug himself. And a lovely little dock that Ben built for us. Peyton loves it down by the water! She's completely at home splashing back and forth, barking at us to throw the stick. The driveway is nice and long and sort of meanders it's way to the back of the property, where our work-in-progress now sits. We have a foundation now! And the framing is still going up. But I can see the shape of my living room and kitchen, the huge, FANTASTIC master bedroom closet, the two-car garage... all of it is slowly appearing before our eyes, board by board. 2350sq feet total... not including the garage and porches. Perfect size to settle down and start a family in (NOT YET PEOPLE! We're waiting for the little ones!) *L*

Well, here's to the holidays and looking back on a year that I can't believe actually happened to me. So many good things. Really good things. But, we're not done yet... lots more to come for the Wilsons on New Town Road.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a fantastic summer!

What a year it has been! Graduation, Wedding in Maui and now actually starting on the new house! If it wasn't all true, I'd hardly believe any of it! Ben and I had such an amazing time in Hawaii. We couldn't have picked a better spot on earth to get married. We were standing at the edge of the water, barefoot in the sand. You could close your eyes and hear the sound of the surf and feel the breeze on your cheek. When I breathed in, I smelled the plumeria lei that was around my neck. Absolutely perfect!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2007 is officially here and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. There's alot about to happen this year - graduation, marriage, new job, new house!!! Lots to be anxious and excited about. So, here's to 2007 - may it be as full of fun and lessons learned as the past year. :)