Monday, March 3, 2008

Dining Table crisis!

Ben and I stopped by this store called The Warehouse here in Statesboro this past weekend.  Not really intending to buy anything, I wanted to just look around.  With Ben shuffling his feet behind me, asking every two mins "Can we go yet?",  I was heading towards the front door when I saw it.  In a sea of furniture and whatnots scattered around this vast, dark space, the darkness parted and a ray of light shone down on the most beautiful dining table I've ever seen. :)  I stopped in my tracks and then walked slowly towards it, looking closely at it's lines, color, size...  looking for something, anything at all wrong with it so that I could dismiss it and continue on.  But the more I studied and analyzed, the more my heart just tumbled and I fell in love.  Yes.  With a table.  

Now,  before you all start calling me and referring me to your shrinks, I am NOT CRAZY.  I promise (at least not any more so than the rest of you!).  I have been LUSTING after this amazing table from Pottery Barn for more than a year now.  I've bookmarked it on my computer, I've clipped it out of the catalog and put it into my "Inspiration" folder, I've shown it to Ben at least a dozen times.  I've been wanting this thing forever!  But priced at $1600 - just for the table - no chairs - there's no  way in heaven or hell I could afford it, however perfect for my house it would be.  

The point of this whole psycho rambling is that my happened-upon love of a table is an EXACT match to the perfect, ideal PB Montego dining table with a honey oak stain of my dreams!!!  Same size, shape, lovely color and turned legs.  Perfect replica.  And the absolutely BEST part is the price - less than half the cost!!  $679 to be exact.  Within my budget - if I max out my credit card, that is!  And then there's still the issue of chairs...   need to find some to match it.  But I'm determined to get this table.  I couldn't live with myself if I let it pass by!!!!  
Here's the PB version  of it...  a large, chunky yet sophisticated  version of an old farmhouse table.  Loves it, loves it, loves it!!!

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Cassidy Dawn said...

according to this very post, we are soo much alike.
i think we could be good friends :)