Monday, April 7, 2008

Crazy life!!

Wow - what a hectic few weeks it's been!! We're still going nonstop on the house and it's starting to look wonderful! The brick is all up and looks fantastic, we're still sanding and priming the sheetrock and should be done with that soon and we'll be able to start on the finish coat of paint. We've had friends chip in and help hang the trim around all the windows, baseboards and crown moulding. Just a ton of work left to do!!
{and a little side note - we are fixing the archway in the living room/kitchen - the completely retarded guy that framed our house built it all the way to the ceiling and we - being first time home builders - didn't know better and we figured out after we had already sheetrocked, sanded and primed the archway that there was no way to incorporate the crown moulding across that arch!!!!!!! The framer should have left a header across the top and created the arch from that.... so that we still had a straight space to run the moulding! So, now my poor husband is having to go back and re-frame out the arch and re-sheetrock it, re-sand it, and re-prime it. :( Just another one of those lessons learned the hard way!}
Ben and I did get to pick out our granite countertops this past weekend and I'm IN LOVE!!!! I think I can honestly say that I'm more excited about those countertops that we picked out than I am about anything else!They are positively breathtaking and we should be able to install the cabinets and countertops in another three to four weeks.

So, it's all coming together - just another couple of months now (pray to God it's less than that!!) and we'll officially be the Wilsons on New Town Road. :)

Love to all!

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