Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue Grey Monday

It's a dreary, rainy morning in south GA and if it was the weekend, I wouldn't mind a bit - knowing that I could curl up in my insanely HUGE, soft, warm bed and have a truly wonderful movie day. I'm in the mood for a little Jane Austen at the moment, so I would play a little Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility. Lovely movies for a not-so-lovely day. But, (and isn't there always a but!) it's a Monday and I'm at work on a grey day, stuck in an equally grey cubicle.

So, to cheer myself up, I've been playing a little computer hooky from the ho-hum of my Monday morning by looking at one of my favorite artist's website. Alicia Bock is a truly wonderul photographer who produces these beautiful images of simple pleasures. In her own words - "My photography is the search of light and shadows, pretty things in pink, the feeling of the ocean, and a blue moon. I strive to create photographs that evoke memories of our favorite days." How can you not possibly fall in love with that notion!!

One of my absolute favorites of hers is titles "Blue Grey Monday" and I desperately want to own it!! Actually, I crave so many of her beautiful prints and as soon as we get the house built, I'm going to start acquiring them one by one. :) One day, one day... But I thought it appropriate for today.

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Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I love Alicia Bock's photography. You picked a good one.

Also, I am your Garden Swapper! I am excited to send you some of my favorite things for the Garden. I too love Jane Austen, so I will try to see what I can come up with that has a little Jane it in.